Q:  What types of funding does the Foundation provide?
A:  The Foundation provides annual grants focused on supporting human rights organizations having special projects and programs creating meaningful results for those entities. The Foundation does not provide general operating support.

Q:  How do I submit a grant proposal?
A:  The Foundation is not accepting or considering any unsolicited letters of inquiry.  Only those organizations which currently receive funding and those invited to apply may submit a full proposal.

Q:  How much funding is available?
A:  Grant amounts may vary depending on a broad set of factors.

Q:  What does the Foundation not support?
A:  We do not support capital projects, equipment purchases, and endowment funds.

Q:  Must grantee organizations be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Are Foundation grants limited to the U.S.?
A:  Grantee organizations should have a U.S. base or presence in the U.S. though they may have operations globally.

Q:  What does the Foundation look for when making grants?
A:  Organizations requesting grants should have the financial and administrative capacity to achieve the goals of the proposal.  Such organizations must be led by an effective full-time, part-time, or volunteer staff and have a high-functioning board.

Q:  Generally, why would the Foundation decline a grant proposal?
A:  Applying for funding is a competitive process.  Due to limited resources, the Foundation looks for projects and programs having the most potential for positive change and results.

Q:  What information needs to be submitted for a grant proposal?
A:  Organizations invited to submit a proposal will be provided an application which details all required information.

Q:  Who will review my proposal?
A:  The Foundation President.

Q:  Does the application process usually require a site visit?
A:  Typically, yes.  On occasion, such visits may be completed by phone.

Q:  Will quarterly reports on the progress of the project be required?
A:  Generally, yes.  Written reports should be submitted to the Foundation at the close of each quarter.  Some small grants may not have to submit quarterly reports.