The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty’s Justice Powered by Information & Action (JPIA) Program

Research consistently shows that death sentences:

  • Are given based on race instead of the severity of the crime.
  • Have been given to many people who were later proven innocent.
  • Do nothing to deter crime or increase public safety.
  • Cost states millions more than alternative justice would.

The US should abolish the death penalty and invest instead in strategies that are actually proven to increase public safety – those that eradicate racial inequity, support people in conflict with the law, and increase access to good education, living wage jobs, and mental healthcare.

In 2018, the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty launched Justice Powered by Information & Action (JPIA) to offer free monthly webinars with experts from across the nation speaking on the death penalty’s flaws and connections with other social justice issues.

The facts in these webinars will shock you, anger you, and make you want to take action with us.

Each webinar includes calls to action that will give you the opportunity to join us in building a grassroots movement of people helping to change public thinking on the death penalty. JPIA will also offer a companion briefing paper and toolkit and a second series of skills training webinars for organizing to replace the death penalty with programs that actually work.

Together, we can get the nation talking about the real purpose of the criminal justice system and demanding that it shift from trying to punish someone whenever a crime is committed to using evidence-based methods that actually reduce crime and increase public safety.

Opposition to the death penalty is already high. When enough of us start talking about it and demanding change, policymakers will act to abolish this heinous practice of racially biased state-sanctioned killing once and for all. Join us at